Meet Our Dogs



Jack is a blue fawn, and he is a stocky build. Jack has a calm and easygoing personality. He is very playful and loves to play fetch.


Louie is a brindle and has a calm and super funny personality. He is our cuddle bug and likes nothing more than a movie night in.


Howie is a tricolored pied. He is very spunky and loves to play. His favorite thing to do is eat, and he will never miss a second breakfast.


Marco is a cream. The son of Louie and Ava, he is very mild mannered and playful. Like his father, he loves just being with family.


Violet (Retired)

Violet is a fawn with a beautiful black mask. She has a fiery personality and is the best momma a litter could ask for.


Ava is a honey cream pied. This little girl is very playful and is the one you look for if it’s too quiet.


Chloe is a blue fawn, and she is our up-and-comer. She was the very first puppy born from the very first litter here at Windy Valley Frenchies. The daughter of Jack and Violet, she is very playful, and like her father she has a kind, calm spirit.


Piper is a brindle and playful. She loves to nibble on toes and give lots of kisses.


Lucy is a black masked fawn and the sweetest girl. She loves to play and will spend all day Netflix and chilling.


Pinky is a cream. The daughter of Louie and Ava, she is very sweet, cuddly and playful. She is also the quiet team leader of her and her brothers for exploring and getting into trouble!

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