Frequently Asked Questions

Before Buying

What is the price range for French Bulldog puppies?

The price of each puppy will vary depending on the litter. Different factors include color and gender. If not posted, please reach out to us for details!

What is included in the price?

Every puppy is DNA tested, checked and cleared by a veterinarian, dewormed and are current on vaccines. Puppies go home with a copy of their DNA results and vet records, some of the food they are currently eating, and a blanket and toy from their litter.

Do you accept credit cards?

We do not accept credit cards at this time, but we are currently working on being able to. We do accept payments through Zelle, Venmo, Good Dog, etc.

How long does it take to get a puppy?

When puppies are ready(minimum 10 weeks old), it’s a matter of how close to us you are. If we agree on a meet-up, it could just be a matter of timing for both parties. If a puppy requires a flight nanny service, it would be a matter of when the service is able to transport your puppy to you.

Can I see the puppies first before paying the deposit?

All puppy purchases require a Facetime interview to not only meet your puppy, but the breeder as well. All of our dogs are considered family and we like to meet with all potential owners.

I'm on the waitlist - Is the deposit refundable?

We do not currently keep a waitlist. If you are interested in a puppy from a specific litter, please reach out to us to see if that is in the works.

Before the Arrival of the Puppy

What to buy before my French Bulldog puppy arrives?

You might want to prepare the following items for the arrival of your Frenchie:
  • Somewhere to sleep – cushion or dog bed
  • Food – we recommend buying [food]
  • Something to play with – balls and chew toys
  • Feeding bowls
  • Adjustable harness & leash
  • Potty pads
  • Puppy shampoo

Additional FAQs

Does my Frenchie have a microchip?

We do highly recommend a microchip for your pup, but the microchip injection is a painful one for the puppies, so we suggest doing it when you have your puppy spayed or neutered. However, this can be done per request.

How much space does a Frenchie need?

Frenchies are small dogs and do not require a ton of space. Space to chase balls or toys and play with other Frenchies, if you have more than one, is good. Some of our Frenchies are very athletic, like Jack and Chloe, and some of our Frenchies are just happy to be at your feet or have a spot next to you on the couch, like Louie or Lucy.

What to do if your dog chews on everything?

It is a natural process for puppies aged 2 to 6 months. If it persists after 6 months, it is a sign that your puppy has lots of pent-up energy that he cannot release in other ways. The number one solution is to take your dog for a walk and create a daily exercise routine to use as much energy as he has.

How much do French Bulldogs bark (and what to do if they bark a lot)?

Generally French Bulldogs are not big barkers. All Frenchies are different, but our own Frenchies rarely bark. When they do, it’s mostly talking to each other while playing, to get attention when they feel they’ve waited long enough for dinner, or the sound of the doorbell in a protective manner.